a paradigm shift in the diagnosis & treatment of Breast cancer & heart disease!

You've heard the expression, "Rome wasn't built in a day!"  Well neither were these tests!

It's taken me 18-years to develop these tests and during that time I've seen many changes in Medicine. I may have even changed a little myself.

Even though helping to make some of those changes in Medicine has been much like pushing a chain or herding cats, it has nonetheless been my honor to have worked with many talented individuals and friends like Drs. Denton Cooley, Michael DeBakey, Albert Sean, John Chang, Kenneth Lance Gould and Gordon Harrington. It is my sincere hope that all of you will benefit from this work and these NEW DIAGNOSTIC tests, which not only will help your Doctors find the Breast Cancer & Heart Disease the current tests are missing 1/3rd of the time, but tell you and your Doctor if your treatment is actually working OR if it's time for a change to something that will work for you.

And now, after 18-years of Research and Clinical work, following the Issuance of Patents and Copyrights by the USPTO, I present to you FMTVDM-FHRWW&BEST©℗, the FIRST EVER QUANTITATIVE METHOD WHICH CAN ACCURATELY  AND REPRODUCIBLY FIND YOUR HEART DISEASE & BREAST CANCER and find it while it's still in the process of developing; giving you a greater opportunity to treat it and LIVE. It is also the only method which can "quantitatively" tell you if your treatment is working or not OR whether it's time to try something new.

one additional benefit just to keep in mind as you go through this website.

FMTVDM works on any type of camera system your doctor or hospital has including:

Planar, SPECT, or PET.

it works with any isotope. it works with any type of artery disease and any type of cancer.

it works in both people and animals.

all covered under the patent license.

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